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Malaysia’s One and Only

Bubbles O2 is Malaysia’s Only Naturally Oxygenated Mineral Water.

With the tag line of Premium Water but Affordable, its unique properties and provenance are well set to position Bubbles O2 as one of the world’s premium mineral waters. Bubbles O2 satisfies all quality criteria in its category: it is designated a mineral water with good mineral contents, naturally sourced underground, it contains a significantly high concentration of dissolved oxygen.



The Brandlaureate SMEs Best Brands Award 2023 - Best Choice in Beverage (Natural Mineral Water)

MIHAS Excellence Award for Micro, Small & Medium Enterprise (MSME) Award 2023

Top 3 Winner of Enterprise 50 (E50) Award 2022

Reflecting on Bubbles O2's remarkable achievements throughout the years, we take pride in unveiling the company's historic milestones. These accomplishments firmly establish the brand as prestigious, embodying positive values and recognizing the family's immense dedication in propelling it forward as a beverage promoting a healthy lifestyle.


To mark the recognition milestone, Bubbles O2 is proud to be acknowledged by SME Corp Malaysia’s Enterprise 50 (E50) for their 23rd year in 2022 following their absence in 2019 & 2020 due to the pandemic. This prestigious award celebrates Malaysia’s enterprising spirit, highlighting the dedication and hard work invested by Bubble as O2 as a small enterprise. Our commitment contributes significantly to the country’s development and positions us a key player in the economy.
We are honored to be chosen as the SME Best Choice Bestbrands Award by The BrandLaureate. Our journey to brand leadership has been filled with numerous challenges, requiring visionary leadership, a strong mission, and commitment. The foundation of success lies in our unwavering commitment and resilience, which has propelled our small entity to achieve recognition as an award-winning brand.


Passing through years of weathered rocks.

Bubbles O2 emerged from the depths of the Central Mountain Range, hidden away for years until a chance discovery in 2018. In response to water shortages, an exploratory well at a local school in Negeri Sembilan unearthed a pure, oxygen-rich, and crystal-clear mineral water source, bubbling up from 260m below ground level (equivalent to 2/3 of Petronas Twin Tower).



Water, the source of all life. Oxygen, the breath of life. Is it possible to combine the power of both these vital essences into one? In a mineral water that is 100% natural? The abundant rains of central peninsular Malaysia are the beginning of our story-and the search for an answer.



Naturally Oxygenated

Bubbles O2 is a naturally oxygenated mineral water, bottled directly at the source to retain its distinctive properties. With its uniqueness of dissolved oxygen content exceeding the saturation level, it also boasts essential minerals like calcium, potassium, and magnesium. Known for its stability and high solubility, Bubbles O2 offers a remarkably smooth and refreshing taste.



Energy and vitality. Fitness and feeling good. All of which foster a more positive attitude and outlook on life. Bubbles O2 is a great way to power your life, and the lives of those you love.



The sole producer and exporter of Malaysia's Only Naturally Oxygenated Mineral Water

Bubbles O2 Sdn. Bhd. was incorporated in July 2018, and the Company’s water processing facility commissioned the following year. Bubbles O2 obtained its Mineral Water License from Malaysia’s Ministry of Health and Halal Certification in 2019, and was then introduced to the market.